Avalanche’s Rise to $100 Possible with Upcoming Summit

After the blow from the rising political conflicts, the cryptocurrency market seems to be recovering. AVAX, the best performer of the previous week, also seems to be gaining ground at the $80 range. This current value is more than 40% lower than AVAX’s all-time high. But the coin could be pushed to the $100 range in the next few weeks if an oncoming summit goes well. Some Avalanche enthusiasts believe that this event could cause a potential bullish streak for AVAX in March.

Avalanche has been making the headlines for the last couple of weeks for its impressive performance in the market. Two weeks ago, the token rallied past the $10 billion mark in the market to reach the top 5 list. However, AVAX was met with a slight stumble in the last few days owing to the ongoing political crisis. However, the coin is now restoring its ground in the market and is rapidly rallying to the $80 mark. AVAX price predictions claim that the token would reach $150 by the end of 2022. Now, an approaching summit in March is expected to push the token into its trajectory to reach this value. Read this research-based review of AVAX to know more about this positive prediction.

Crypto experts believe that AVAX could outperform the crypto market due to several factors. An upcoming summit could be one of the various factors that help push the price of AVAX to above $100. This gathering is scheduled to take place between the 22nd and 27th of March in Spain. This summit would consist of several prominent figures from the crypto space and would touch upon some of the important subjects from the market. Among others, Emin Gun Siree from Ava Launch, Harold Bosse from MasterCard, Sergei Nazarov from ChainLink, and Monica Tather from El Salvador would participate in Spain Crypto Summit. 

The summit is expected to address subjects ranging from web3 to NFT and give them the much-needed exposure among other projects and investors. Avalanche could become one of the subjects to be discussed in the subject by virtue of its infrastructural sophistication and profitable ecosystem. In such a case, AVAX would get quintessential propulsion to rise to the $100 mark. It must be noted that this summit is one of the most anticipated events among crypto investors around the world.

Avalanche is still leading the list of good Investments for 2022. The coin also held on to the uptrend for the past 48 hours, following the stumble. Resistance for the coin is predicted to arrive at $80.17. Upon breaching it, AVAX could easily soar above $100. In the event of a failure, the values at $70 would be tested again to come up with new numbers for the price action of Avalanche.

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