Band Protocol Merges With Nervos’ Godwoken

Band Protocol announced tying up their price feed with Nervos’ Layer 2 Godwoken to the mainnet. Since the prime commitment of Band Protocol is to offer all its partners the absolute stable, dependable and safe price feed solution, along with it being decentralized, Nervos’ Godwoken will have a big role to play with its share of contribution.

As part of their functionalities, Nervos’ Godwoken will assist Band Protocol in initiating and increasing chances for future amalgamations with many other dApp creators, functioning under the umbrella of the Nervos ecosystem. This merger will, in fact, further help them to open the doors for receiving a larger collection of valuable and trustworthy data feeds.

Again, this will greatly benefit the associated builders by enabling and empowering them to introduce their created dApps on the platform of the Web3 industry. 

To understand Band Protocol better, it is imperative to know it is a cross-chain data oracle platform with the capabilities to create high-standard suites of products developed on Web3.

This top-of-the-league oracle solution accumulates and attaches real-world data and APIs with smart contracts. This, in turn, assists applications like DeFi in correctly gauging the situation of markets and the potential of the games that would be created on-chain. 

As a matter of fact, as of date, Nervos layer 2’s Godwoken has achieved the distinction of being 100% EVM-compatible. This signifies that developers and creators now get the precious opportunity to introduce, with relative ease and comfort, an entire gamut of dApps. This could be like an entire chain, right from DeFi, onto gaming and NFTs, provided they are multi-chain.

The winning factor in this scenario is that all of this will enable on-the-spot interoperability between various other chains, further creating a positive road map for all involved projects to increase the numbers of its audience speedily. This will ultimately save their time and energy by not being compelled to create separate types of dApps for separate blockchains.  

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