Blockchain Conference & Crypto Events 2021- Blockchainsation

One of the biggest events related to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency to take place in the Balkans is the Blockchainsation conference. It will be held from 14-16 May 2021 in the beautiful city of Lasko in Slovenia.

The conference promises to be more than just a routine one for the participants, speakers, and exhibitors, rather, it will be three days of fun and close interaction between Blockchain and crypto experts, sharing knowledge and networking. Plenty of time will also be allotted for scheduling meetings and using a match-making tool that will provide information about the participants. You can, therefore, easily check the level of potential cooperation using cutting-edge tools for performing these checks.

Speakers and Agenda of the Conference  

The Agenda of the Conference covers almost every aspect of the cryptocurrency market.

On Friday the 14th May, the focus will be mainly on Blockchain solutions for businesses, Legal perspectives, Blockchain banking solutions, Crypto vs. other assets, and more. The next day will be dedicated to info about buying and selling Crypto, Custodial services, trading, interoperability, the state of the start-up crowdfunding today. On the final day, which is Sunday the 16th May 2021, the conference will revolve around mining, Security Solutions, Trading tools, and HODL. The Crypto Event will come to an end at 16.00 hours after lunch and networking.

The list of speakers is expected to be finalized and announced soon.


When and where is BLOCKCHAINSATION taking place?

Blockchainsation is slated to be held from 14th to 16th May 2021 in the beautiful city of Lasko, Slovenia. The city is known to be home to health and wellness retreats with its abundance of healing waters and spas. It also has a brewing tradition, and there are many personalized experiences that participants of the Conference can enjoy.

How to register for the Conference?

You can register for the Conference by visiting the site and booking your place directly. For more information regarding registration click here.

What to expect from the Conference?

Blockchainsation will bring together on one platform, a host of local and international speakers who are all experts in the crypto sector. These professionals have years of experience in not only theoretical knowledge but also have hands-on skills in the Blockchain business. As a participant, you will be able to grow your understanding of various Blockchain tools and methods.

How to get the tickets for free?

The price of tickets for the event ranges from EUR 254 to EUR 999 for the VIP tickets. However, the organizers are offering an opportunity to get free tickets. You buy a ticket and refer a friend to get a refund of 20%. Repeat this five times, and your ticket is free. In a nutshell, you refer 5 friends for the Conference, and your ticket is free.

Who can attend the conference?

The conference is open to people from all sectors or industries.

Final thoughts

The conference organizers are offering all participants with matchmaking software through which you get to know and network with personalities that match your line of business. It will help you to make the most out of the event.

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