How to Place Sports Bets Using Cryptocurrency?

Introduction – Crypto Sports Betting

Crypto sports betting is on the rise due to the high inflation rate in regards to FIAT currency. Cryptocurrency helps in countering this inflation; further, they also act as a form of a good investment. They increase in proportion to their popularity. So, if a user wins a certain cryptocurrency in his sports betting endeavor, then he can just let it rest in his account, which can then go on increasing. Further, cryptocurrency payments are greatly preferred by the betting sites as they run on blockchain technology.

How do Crypto sports betting work?

Sports Betting with cryptocurrency functions in the same way as usual sports betting, the difference is only in the payment medium. So, in sports betting, the user first needs to deposit a designated amount of cryptocurrency in the sports betting sites’ wallet. The deposit can be made through any viable wallet available on countless cryptocurrency exchanges. Some of the most well regarded exchanges are Binance, Binomo, and WazirX. When the user wins the bet, then the winning amount is deposited in their sports betting wallet. This can be transferred to cryptocurrency wallets located on exchanges which then can be used as a channel for getting FIAT payment of the same. The same can be transferred to the wallet; they can substantially increase over time.

Steps to start betting on sports using cryptocurrency

First thing first, the user will be required to buy some cryptocurrency from the exchange and keep the same in the wallet. 

Then, after buying the designated currency, they need to transfer the same by withdrawing it to their sports betting wallet. So, if the user tries to receive currency on their sports betting wallet, then the interface would provide them with the wallet address. The wallet address needs to be inserted in the exchange’s wallet for completing the transfer.

If the wallet’s transfer has been successful, then the same would be visible in the sports betting wallet. The same can be successfully used for betting through online means on the given website. Every website has a pool of cryptocurrency for a designated sports, when the right bets win in this pool, the majority of the rewards are pooled and are then distributed to the designated winners.

Why is crypto sports betting popular?

Crypto Sports betting is popular, owing to multiple reasons. The blockchain technology upon which cryptocurrency functions is secure and provides excellent privacy. The fluidity of the currency also helps the user in sending and receiving the currency easily.  Lastly, they can be used as a form of viable investment which thus provides a great incentive to the user.


Crypto and sports betting are two sectors which have been working in conjunction with each other. They are essentially ideal for each other. Fluid payment options which provide great privacy is the need of the sports betting industry, and the same has been fulfilled by the cryptocurrency sector.

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