PARSIQ’s New Integration With Ocean Protocol Makes Monitoring Possible

PARSIQ has recently announced its latest integration with Ocean Protocol; it plans to introduce new monitoring solutions specific to the Ocean Protocol.

Ocean Protocol was created to give a more secure and safe environment to data providers for monetizing their data. Ocean Protocol brings together DeFi, data asset monetization, and staking. 

Users would no longer need to surrender control of their data assets for the sake of monetizing. With Ocean Protocol, users can start their Data Market by taking help from Ocean building blocks or directly doing it with the Ocean Data market.

The workflow automation platform has launched Smart Triggers into the world of cryptocurrency; it helps developers automate workflows and create multiple ways of interaction with real-world applications in a cost-effective manner.

PARSIQ’s integration with Ocean Protocol is continually expanding so that users can maximize their assets via different pools. Its unique data monitoring solution enables Ocean Protocol users to monitor their data and receive custom notifications. 

With this, users, developers, and data providers can make their customized real-time Smart Triggers. These Smart Triggers are unique and give developers the scope to integrate notifications into their own apps. 

Users can now customize triggers to monitor datasets or a pool with the PARSIQ Portal’s help.

Customers will also be able to create programmable reactions for the following types of events: 

  • OceanDatasetPublishes

Users can create streams of events that would represent new datasets. These will be published on the Ocean Protocol network and enable users to monitor more recent datasets.

  • OceanMetadataActions

This will help users create dataset metadata for newer datasets or update the existing dataset.

  • OceanDatasetConsumes

This helps to create a dataset, which is either consumed by the marketplace or in a consume-to-data way.

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