Fantom Welcomes Leveraged DeFi: Will it Turn FTM Bullish?

Fantom has been expanding its value proposition over the past few months. The network recently added leveraged DeFi to its operations, increasing its reach in the cryptocurrency market. The Fantom ecosystem is already compatible with Ethereum that operates on JavaScript and JRE (Java Runtime Environment.)

Fantom has quickly become a highly scalable blockchain platform for crypto dApps, and DeFi developed on a consensus mechanism via its aBFT (Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant) PoS. The latest integration has boosted Fantom’s market position significantly. It is evident by the fact that traders are looking for a viable Fantom price prediction globally. If you’re interested in adding FTM to your portfolio, you can read more about the coin’s predictions in the linked article.

The crypto is currently placed amid the top thirty cryptocurrencies when sorted by market value. It currently amasses a market capitalization of 5 billion dollars while its Total Value Locked (TVL) is around 10 billion dollars. Such numbers prove Fantom’s popularity in the DeFi sector.

Besides such value, the network also boasts three blockchains for different tasks. These blockchains are the primary reason behind Fantom’s quick transaction processing. Till now, the blockchain has enabled three dApps, namely SpookySwap (BOO), Geist Finance, Multichain (MULTI). These decentralized apps amount to 4.5 billion dollars of Total Value Locked (TVL).

Stader Labs, a crypto staking platform with next-genstaking framework and liquid staking pools, is also supporting the Fantom network. The platform is also expanding to Fantom, with the integration being concluded by March. Once the integration takes place, Fantom users can partake in liquid staking.

Since Fantom is entering such collaborations, the network is elevating its value proposition by the minute.

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