Samsung to Unveil Galaxy S22 in Its Decentraland Metaverse

Live events are going out of fashion, and digital events are becoming the new cool. It is not just because of the Covid-19 pandemic but also because of the wide reach that it offers at a lower cost.

Events are more critical to the manufacturers of electronic devices. Digital events can definitely give them the much-needed worth for every penny. However, with the metaverse in the picture, they can take the events to the next level.

Samsung, for one, has taken the lead in this category by making a very important announcement.

Digital Launch Of Galaxy S22 And Galaxy Tab S8

The announcement relates to Samsung organizing its upcoming event on Decentraland, its newly developed metaverse. The devices that will be unveiled in the event – Galaxy Unpacked 2022 – are Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8.

Participants will be required to link their Crypto wallets to the event. While it is not mandatory, participants who link their respective crypto wallets to the event can expect to receive goodies from Samsung. Given its potential to duplicate or improve real-world experiences, Decentraland’s metaverse has gotten a lot of attention. This is especially true these days, when physical encounters may be a real pain in the neck. With the help of such events, Decentraland might get improved user base and from which, it may record considerable growth. Check out this MANA coin price prediction to learn how events like these can affect MANA’s price in the long run.

It is a way for Samsung to spice up its much-awaited yearly event called Galaxy Unpacked. Online launch events will still be in vogue. Metaverse will only take it a step ahead, enabling users to remain virtually present at the event.

Users who are considering attending the event without a cryptocurrency wallet will be welcomed. However, the chances are that they will end up losing an attractive reward.

Decentraland is comparatively new. There is a lot of surety that it will be able to handle the rush of participants who might express their desire to explore the metaverse.

Samsung has geared up for such scenarios. Everyone who participates in Galaxy Unpacked 2022 will be able to explore Decentraland through their keyboard and mouse. The gates will open after the event is officially kicked off by Samsung.

Navigation will be quite easy for everyone, irrespective of how familiar they are with the technology. People will be allowed to customize their digital avatars. The customization will be all about changing or modifying the look of their character.

Whether you link your Crypto wallet or not, this will definitely be a memorable event. Linking your Crypto wallet still has a higher probability of fetching you attractive rewards, though.

Samsung is also expecting to populate its metaverse through the event. As per reports, or the talks within the community, Decentraland is fairly less populated. This is absolutely fine for a newly launched metaverse, but a higher population does mean larger access to people for marketing purposes.

Galaxy Unpacked is the largest event of Samsung. Many people look forward to it. Some may be unable to attend it due to physical barriers, but they have now been removed, and we only have Decentraland to thank for it.

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