TRON Launches Support For PYRO

PYRO, the globally acclaimed blockchain-based platform, has added another amazing achievement to its credit as it adds one of the world’s leading blockchain networks, TRON, as a sister chain to PYRO token on Ethereum. Interestingly, where the crypto community is having a mixed reaction towards this major integration between the two leading ecosystems, it is quite likely that the inclusion of PYRO to TRON is a huge step focused on the success of the project.

Given below is the entire phase by phase process description concerning the introduction of PYRO to the TRON network. Have a look:

Phase 1- This will involve airdropping of PYRO to the current PYRO ETH hodlers. This will require the customers to own a Tron wallet. The platform will determine the eligibility by taking a snapshot of all the PYRO on ETH. The minimum and maximum limits set for the PYRO Tron airdrop shall be:

  • Maximum- 500k PYRO
  • Minimum- 4m PYRO

The users shall be entitled to earn rewards between the set limits of 500k and 4m PYRO per ETH wallet address during the airdrop process. Soon, PYRO will provide a google form for the users to become eligible for the event. The form will require details such as TRON address as well as proof of ownership of the ETH PYRO wallet by sending 1 PYRO to the specified address and providing the TX of the trade.

TRON has been in constant efforts to strengthen its network operations by adding more and more features and services on its network. The leading blockchain ecosystem has managed to become one of the most trusted blockchain platforms in the global economy, with customers hailing from across the world. By concreting some strategic partnerships and integrations, the TRON community aims to promote mass crypto adoption along with its success sail in the highly dynamic crypto industry.

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